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Interview: YouTuber Archie Hamilton explains why esports is the future of racing

Published: 1/Mar/2021 16:28 Updated: 1/Mar/2021 17:04

by Alice Hearing


After Supercar Blondie beat Craig David in a head-to-head racing simulation on the new e-series “Beat Your Heroes,” racing driver and YouTuber Archie Hamilton has become the next internet star to take on the challenge.

On February 27, fans of Archie Hamilton and First Dates host Fred Sirieix were able to watch them go head to head in a virtual F1 race which is part of a four-part VELO ESERIES, presented by ex-Top Gear host and TV presenter, Rory Reid.

The series, launched on February 6, sees top celebrities go head-to-head against internet sensations. Each series is split into three episodes, including a masterclass episode with the celebrities showcasing their craft. VELO fans can then participate in qualifiers to join the virtual grid before the final ‘Beat Your Heroes’ episode of the live-streamed race event which sees fans race against the celebrities.


Speaking to Dexerto, Archie revealed that while Fred Sirieix was competitive, he still had an advantage as someone with years of professional racing experience. To make it a little more interesting, and to make the race a little more equal, he was made to eat hot chilis: “My mouth is still on fire!”

Archie Hamilton Racing
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Archie Hamilton is an award-winning racer driver

Despite the fiery obstacle, and after a grueling race, Archie still came out on top, but not without significant competition from Fred who led in the first few laps before getting stuck in a corner, unable to drive himself out.

Archie was especially excited to get involved with the e-series, explaining: “Esports is only going one way, it’s only getting bigger and better it’s allowing more people to get involved from their homes. VELO getting involved is only a benefit for everyone. Their partnership with McLaren is mega.”


For Archie this is just one aspect of his already incredible career, having begun racing cars in 2007 when he won his Formula Ford debut at Silverstone. After meeting car YouTubers through teaching them to get their racing license, he was convinced to start his own YouTube channel in 2016.

“If you told me 5 or 6 years ago you’re gonna be doing stuff like this,’ I’d be like ‘you must be joking!'” Archie said, adding “I’d never get the chance to do the VELO e-series if I wasn’t doing YouTube, so for me, it brings so many opportunities.”


Since then, Archie has gone viral driving a LaFerrari in Croatia, got to interview Lewis Hamilton, and built up a seriously impressive collection of cars, his favorite right now is his Audi RS6: “It’s one of those cars that I say to myself if you get out of your car and you look back and you’re like how the hell am I driving something like that?”

To begin with, coping with the attention online was a challenge: “When I first started I was like I can’t deal with it.” But after persevering and seeing “every sort of comment under the sun,” he has finetuned his strategy and ensuring that he not only does what he is passionate about, but that his audience gets the most out of his content.


“It’s just so important to follow what you’re passionate about because it will come across on camera very quickly if you’re doing something just because you like the idea of it.”

Archie’s passion for cars has evidently come across online, and he has now earned 317,000 subscribers on YouTube, and more than 200,000 Instagram followers.

Despite a global health crisis, Archie is optimistic about the future, seeking to potentially grow his collection with a new McLaren, as well as racing a Lamborghini across Europe in the summer.

The VELO ESERIES has been brought to fans by VELO as part of its ongoing global partnership with McLaren Racing. All content is being streamed on VELO’s Instagram and YouTube channels from January to May.