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YouTuber Anna Campbell allegedly caught assaulting ex-girlfriend

Published: 18/Jun/2021 8:30 Updated: 18/Jun/2021 8:40

by Andrew Amos


Popular YouTuber Anna Campbell has been caught reportedly physically and sexually assaulting two of her ex-girlfriends. It’s on top numerous allegations laid by her former partners, including grooming minors.

Anna Campbell, who has over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube, has been accused ⁠— among other things ⁠— of assaulting two of her ex-girlfriends, as well as getting them addicted to drugs and grooming minors.

Kaylee Jade, who got together with Campbell in 2019, released clips of the abuse she received across their relationship, on top of a 41-minute Instagram video detailing the abuse. She claimed Campbell “manipulated” her in their relationship, as well as physically assaulted her.


Kaylee appeared in numerous videos on Campbell’s channel, which remained up on the platform for months despite her requests to take them down.

“My abuser is still profiting off of videos that I am in that I asked her to take down, but she manipulated me into keeping them up for my OnlyFans,” Kaylee said.

Fans also shared messages with Campbell sending sexually explicit messages to minors, some as young as 15.

“I was dating a pedophile. I am going to pass out, I have no words, I’m speechless, my heart just dropped,” Jade added. “You are a predator, you are a pedophile. You need to be deplatformed.”


Taylor Lynn, another one of Anna Campbell’s ex-girlfriends, said she “stole the innocence of many young women with no remorse.”

She also called Campbell a “rapist”, claiming one night they had sex while Lynn was unable to consent because she was “blackout drunk”.

Campbell made a post on Instagram, which has since expired, saying she was aware of the allegations, but didn’t want to address them publicly.

“I don’t want to add fuel to the fire so from this point on I’m just going to stay quiet and hope that eventually [Kaylee] sees what she’s doing is only adding fuel to the fire for both of us, not just me,” she said.


“I feel like I’m living in a nightmare, but at this point I can’t do anything but sit back and be silent while she continues to go off and expose more and more.”

The apology has led to more people coming forward with their experiences with the YouTuber, including more allegations of verbal assault and grooming.

Campbell previously denied the grooming allegations in a September 2020 video.

Anna Campbell’s channel on YouTube, as well as her profiles on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter are still active at the time of writing.