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YouTube rolling out long-awaited Clips feature for streams and videos

Published: 28/Jan/2021 18:38

by Tanner Pierce


YouTube has announced that it will finally be implementing a clips feature for videos in the near future and that it’s currently testing it out with smaller content creators, before it moves on to a more widespread release.

For years, the YouTube community has been begging for a clips feature to be added to the site, in order to allow for an easier way to find small parts of longer videos, similar to what Twitch has had for a while.

Now it seems like the higher ups at the video sharing site are finally listening and it won’t be too long before the communities wants will be answered.


On January 28, YouTube announced that it is testing out a clips feature for their website. According to a post on the YouTube support page, the feature will allow users to clip out five-to-60 seconds of someone’s video, whether it be a standard video upload or a stream, and then share it to others through a link.

Over on Twitter, Head of Gaming Creators at YouTube Lester Chen shared a gif of the feature in action, showcasing just how users will be to clip out a section of video and share it with the world. Of course, it remains to be seen how easy the feature will be to use once it actually launches, but it’s still nice to get an idea.


In terms of when the feature will roll-out to everyone, YouTube says that it’s currently testing the feature with smaller content creators before it launches it worldwide. Unfortunately, there’s no indication about who will actually have it for the time being or how soon it’ll launch across the world.

It’s also worth pointing out that, at least while the feature is in the testing phase, it’ll only be available on desktop and Android devices, but YouTube says it plans on bringing clips to iOS devices in the near future, but it’s unknown whether or not that means it’ll be ready on the platform in time for its full launch.


All in all, it’s nice that YouTube is finally rolling out this long-awaited feature, especially considering Twitch has had something similar for a good while now. Here’s hoping the rollout is smooth and quick.