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YouTube punishes JayStation after he faked girlfriend’s death

Published: 25/Feb/2020 16:13 Updated: 25/Feb/2020 16:50

by Kamil Malinowski


YouTuber ‘JayStation’ has had his channel demonetized and is taking a hiatus after being criticized for faking his girlfriend’s death. 

JayStation quickly came under fire from the YouTube community after releasing a video on January 22, claiming that his girlfriend Alexia had died, while also uploading a video on his second channel, featuring her. 

He even uploaded more content surrounding her death, notably a controversial “Ouija board challenge” that many found to be distasteful, while others continued to doubt that it had happened. 

JayStation and Alexia talking to camera with view of city behind them
YouTube: Dream Team
JayStation caused confusion for the community, and panicked Alexia’s family by claiming she had died.

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Even YouTube star Ethan Klein from H3H3 joined the fray, dubbing JayStation as a “scumbag” and claiming that he faked his girlfriend’s death. On Jan 30 his girlfriend Alexia finally spoke out about the matter, confirming once and for all she was in fact alive. 


Shortly after, a #StopJayStation movement began to gain momentum as the community had grown tired of his controversial videos. His channel was later demonetized and on Feb 21 he released a video, announcing an “indefinite hiatus” from YouTube, but, this controversy wasn’t the reason behind his departure from the platform. 

He was reportedly arrested on Feb 3 for charges of assault and YouTube have confirmed that this was the reason behind his demonetization. 

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It is possible for him to regain monetization, if he addresses all the issues with his channel in a video, although, it’s hard to know the exact process behind this and how long it would take. 


Regardless, YouTube users who were against the content creator can breathe easy as, at least for the time being, JayStation will not be posting any more videos.