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xQc’s attempt to weed out Mario Kart stream snipers goes hilariously wrong

Published: 22/Jan/2021 14:08

by Jacob Hale


Stream snipers are up there with some of the most annoying things that streamers have to deal with, but Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel couldn’t stop laughing when he tried uncovering them in a Mario Kart broadcast.

As far as stream snipers go, xQc has got to be one of the most affected on Twitch, but that’s almost to be expected when you’re one of the most popular names on the platform.

No matter what he’s playing or the attempts he makes to keep himself hidden, xQc will always have multiple snipers coming after him and hunting him down in-game.


Now, it turns out even Mario Kart isn’t a safe space for him, as he found out in hilarious fashion during his January 21 stream.

xQc instagram photo
Instagram: xqcow1
xQc has become arguably the biggest name on Twitch.

While streaming the iconic animated racing game, the Canadian star was becoming increasingly suspicious of how many stream snipers he was being swarmed by throughout the races.

So, before a race started, he took it upon himself to speak to his stream and ask them not to move forward if they’re stream sniping. “Guys, Hold B, so you at least don’t go forward,” he asked of those who were listening. Then, as it started up, he reiterated the point once more, urging snipers to not go forward.


Expecting maybe a small handful of the other players to stay still, xQc switched to the back camera — and when the race started, eight of the 11 opposing players started hopping around him at the start line, clearly having fun at his expense.

Luckily, xQc saw the funny side, immediately dropping his head and laughing before backing out of the race, unable to speak through the laughter.

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Simply saying that he’s “done” and cracking up at the “bulls**t” he had to endure, even xQc couldn’t be mad at how his games were ruined, in disbelief at the level of commitment his viewers showed.


While stream snipers in games such as Warzone, Fortnite and others must get increasingly frustrating, it’s impossible not to see the funny side of something like this — even if it does cost you some Grand Prix wins.