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xQc tries to copy Tenz’s ridiculous aim and fails miserably

Published: 27/Aug/2021 15:21 Updated: 27/Aug/2021 17:20

by Lawrence Scotti


Twitch streamer xQc watched a clip of Valorant pro Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo practicing his aim and tried to replicate his accuracy – with hilarious results.

Although xQc has become a bit of a variety streamer over the years on Twitch, he started his gaming career as a pro Overwatch player. He played for Team Canada at the Overwatch World Cup from 2017-2019, as well as a stint in the Overwatch League for the team Dallas Fuel.

While xQc comes from an FPS background, and played at a top-level, very few players have the laser-like accuracy and reaction times as Tenz possesses.


xqc not streaming overwatch
Robert Paul / Blizzard Entertainment
xQc’s Overwatch streams were a throw back to his days as a competitive player.

xQc tries to be TenZ

xQc watched a clip on his stream of Valorant pro-TenZ, who currently plays for Sentinels, practicing in the free aim trainer, Aim Lab.

TenZ, being one of the best Valorant players on the planet, shows incredible accuracy in the clip nailing every shot. xQc seemed to take this as a challenge and loaded up his own Aim Lab to try and match the Sentinels player.

He shook his hands together and said “F**k this guy”, preparing to show his stream exactly how good he still is at aiming while firing up the Gridshot challenge. As soon a the challenge began, though, xQc was flailing his mouse around the screen, missing every single shot cracking up with laughter.


It doesn’t look like xQc will be getting back into professional Overwatch any time soon, as his pro aiming days look well behind him. At least it was all in good fun, as it seems nearly impossible to match TenZ’s accuracy.

Meanwhile, Tenz has encountered his own problems on stream, as he said he was ‘scammed’ but the Valorant store after paying for the new butterfly knife.