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xQc sympathizes with Sykkuno after fans believe he cried over GTA RP heist

Published: 24/Jun/2021 17:00

by Jacob Hale


For the first time, Sykkuno failed a hack during a GTA RP lower vault heist, leaving him seriously upset — and Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel jumped to his defense after hearing what happened.

Sykkuno’s character ‘Yuno’ has earned himself a reputation for being elite at breaking into banks in GTA RP heists. He rarely gets anything wrong and is always the hacking mastermind behind these operations for his squad.

But, during a stream on June 23, he failed to break into the lower vault, just one number off of getting the 12 digit sequence correct and reaping the rewards for his crew.

The situation clearly cut Sykkuno up slightly, looking utterly dejected in the aftermath of their failed attempt and shutting off his webcam, obviously disappointed with his attempt despite his team’s best efforts to comfort him.


While some people felt that Sykkuno had overreacted to the botched attempt, xQc was one of the people who sympathized with the Twitch star, understanding how disappointing it must’ve been for him.

“He was crying?” xQc asked, speaking with his chat. “It happens. I told you last time: whenever you fail something like that, it’s very defeating. I don’t think you guys understand.

“Sometimes, it’s not a ‘whatever.’ It’s a lot of effort, it’s a lot of time putting in the effort, and a lot of people count on you. That feeling is really, really defeating.”


Of course, there were no hard feelings towards Yuno from his team. Lang reminded Sykkuno’s character that they all still loved him and that the level of stuff he’s doing is incredible.

It goes without saying that Sykkuno’s fans were worried about him, regularly reminding him that it’s an easy mistake to make and to not feel too down about it.

Hopefully next time, he’ll be even more ready for it. But we already know he won’t be letting something like this happen again.