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XQc suggests new ability in Overwatch for Reinhardt

Published: 1/Oct/2018 19:16 Updated: 1/Oct/2018 19:29

by Bill Cooney


Reinhardt, according to recent statistics, is one of the most played heroes in Overwatch, but streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has an idea of his own on how to improve the tank.

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The proposed ability would be called “Spinner Wheel,” according to xQc, and wouldn’t be able to be hacked or made unavailable in any way.

“At one point if he’s stunned or hacked, there’s a button that can’t be hacked,” the streamer explained. “A button on his chest where he’s invulnerable to CC.”

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Using his chair as a visual aid, xQc shows how Reinhardt would spin around after pressing the button, damaging enemies around him with his hammer, and some possible sound effects too.


Like all other Overwatch heroes, when Reinhardt gets hacked he isn’t able to do anything besides run around and swing his hammer, giving him an ability that would be able to get through stuns and hacks could increase his survivability and make him more dangerous on attack.

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Reinhardt recently saw his ultimate re-worked after several months of posts and complains from the community on several issues with Earthshatter.

A complete Reinhardt rework is definitely a possibility in the future, take for example Torbjorn, who’s complete rework is live on the PTR right now as an example of Overwatch developers willingness to go back and try something completely new.