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xQc roasts people holding GameStop stock after massive drop

Published: 5/Feb/2021 12:51

by Connor Bennett


Twitch Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel took a few shots at those people who have held on to their GameStop stock instead of selling when the price was almost near its peak. 

For days, the GameStop stock craziness has taken over the internet – with many piling on and hoping to make some cash.

Others have held on, trying to make a point about what the power of a group can do to the markets, instead of it just being left in the hands of Wall Street and Hedge Funds. 

The price, in the last few days, has tanked – with many losing money, and others missing out on a massive payday. Though, it also gave xQc a chance to take some shots at them for not bailing when the time came. 


GameStop shopfront amid the WallStreetBets $GME "to the moon" saga.
Facebook: GameStop
The GameStop stock drama has taken over the Internet.

Kicking off his February 4 stream, the Canadian was chatting with his viewers when one asked for his thoughts on the drop off of GameStop stock.

“I don’t want to be an advice andy or in hindsight, even though I know nothing about stocks, I told you exactly what would happen and it happened,” xQc said. “I think it was very foreseeable. People kept saying yeah but it’s going to the moon, yep yeah but it’s squeezing, yeah but Friday, yeah but Monday, yeah but this and that, and they kept having an excuse. Like dude, come on man.”


The Twitch star pulled up the price of the stock too, to show the huge drop-off and further hammer home his point. “Dude, this is no joke man. At the beginning of the stream on the 27th, when it was at $280, I said if I were you, and it’s not advice, I would not hold overnight,” he added. 

Pointing to its price, which was then just over $53, xQc admitted it could go up a little, but still used as a way to mock holders. 

“This could go up a little bit, and here’s why,” he said, before punching the back of his head and taking on a silly, Caveman-like voice. “Buy the dip! Buy the dip! And then, they’re going to buy the dip a little bit and it’s going to crash even more dude. Yep, it is what it is.”


xQc added that he understood that the price had tanked because of what had happened with the stock being unable to be bought on certain platforms – he even tweeted about it when the controversy happened.

Though, he continued to say it is what it is, and that investors should have made out like bandits when the time was right.