xQc takes Ninja's pon pon dance to the next level with back-to-back Victory Royales - Dexerto

xQc takes Ninja's pon pon dance to the next level with back-to-back Victory Royales

Published: 23/Apr/2019 10:31

by Connor Bennett


Popular Fortnite Battle Royale.

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What is the Pon Pon?

Ninja’s ‘Pon Pon’ dance became famous in the early days of the streamer’s move into the battle royale genre. Blevins would perform the dance in an effort to break up games of H1Z1 and PUBG before taking it with him into Epic Games’ popular title after securing wins.

Plenty of other Twitch streamers have tried to replicate his moves, both seriously and mockingly, and now they can add xQc to their ranks after he tried to become like Ninja both inside and out of the game.

Robert Paul for Blizzard EntertainmentThe former Dallas Fuel player has become one of the most recognizable faces on Twitch.

xQc does the Pon Pon

During his April 22 stream, xQc finally secured his first solo Victory Royale after almost 400 games in Fortnite Battle Royale while playing the game’s new ranked arena mode.


After receiving requests from subscribers to mimic the ‘Pon Pon’ dance, the streamer finally gave in. However, he would not follow in the footsteps of his fellow Fortnite player, but instead, opted to parody the original routine from the music song.

xQc cut his initial Pon Pon attempt short, causing outraged spam from his viewers who demanded that he carry on. However, he promised to complete the full four-minute-long, high energy dance if he scored a second victory royale in a row.

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Less than 20 minutes later, the streamer was back on his feet and doing his best to follow the full routine after securing a second win in Fortnite Battle Royale. Throughout the dance, xQc tried his best to keep up but could only pull an extremely un-coordinated attempt at the Pon Pon as he attempted, repeatedly, to cut it short.


He was left baffled by the song seemingly drawing to a close before starting back up again. “There’s more? How is there more?” roared the streamer before he carried on dancing.

Some fans tried to get xQc to go for a third win and Pon Pon in a row but he shut those requests down as quick as possible. “I can’t do this anymore guys,” explained xQc.

“This is some hard cringe dude. Listen man, I didn’t really agree with you guys with this ‘normie’ thing but that was the most ‘normie’ thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”


While it appears as if the tide is turning for xQc in terms of success in Fortnite, fans probably shouldn’t hold their breath if they want to see him busting some moves again.

Instead, it’s probably more likely that they’ll get to see him almost destroy his streaming set-up after being gunned down by a stream sniper.