xQc lets one rip (literally) without realizing he received a huge stream host - Dexerto

xQc lets one rip (literally) without realizing he received a huge stream host

Published: 21/Sep/2018 18:35 Updated: 21/Sep/2018 20:12

by Bill Cooney


It started like many other Twitch clips, with the popular Overwatch streamer Félix xQc Lengyel warming up in the practice range – by the end, some 7000 Twitch viewers hosted by another streamer witnessed a serious back-end blowout courtesy of xQc.

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At the beginning of the video, another Overwatch streamer, Dafran, begins hosting xQc’s stream to his over 7000 viewers.

Soon after, xQc pauses before letting loose a multi-phase methane bomb onto his chair that seems like it goes on for minutes.

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After taking a sip of coffee, xQc noticed Dafran’s host and realized he’d just played the trouser trumpet for 7000 unsuspecting guests to his stream.


The Canadian Overwatch pro is known for his outbursts, but those usually don’t involve him firing off the retro rockets.

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XQc recently joined the Canadian Overwatch World Cup team during the U.S. group stage, where they went 4-1 and qualified for Blizzcon 2018.

It was his first time back in competitive Overwatch since being released from the Dallas Fuel and suspended from the Overwatch League earlier in 2018.