xQc left speechless as Hardcore Minecraft run ends in disaster - Dexerto

xQc left speechless as Hardcore Minecraft run ends in disaster

Published: 26/Feb/2020 17:51

by Kamil Malinowski


Popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was completely stunned as his Minecraft adventure came to an abrupt end. 

xQc is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, widely known for his entertaining variety content, which has recently included everyone’s favorite sandbox game, Minecraft.

He was playing the game on Hardcore mode, meaning that after one death all of his progress would be lost. This is a very high-risk mode that makes the game feel more exciting and makes progress that much more rewarding, although all it takes is one mistake to undo hours of work.

xQc has recently become a big fan of Minecraft and can often be found playing the game on his stream.

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Such was the case for the Canadian, who saw his character die in an instant and lost all progress during a stream on Feb 25.

He ran out of his base after doing some crafting and got into a seemingly simple fight with a zombie. However, he was completely blindsided by a creeper, which came out of nowhere and blew him up, killing his character and wiping out all of his progress.

xQc was unusually quiet after this happened and just stared at the screen, stunned. For once, the ex-Overwatch pro was actually sat there speechless as he mourned the death of his Minecraft character.


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The Canadian didn’t end up saying anything about the matter and simply moved on to watching videos of how he could speedrun the game.

As many xQc viewers would know, it was a very different experience as he is always quick to react, and often quite excessively, to major events, but this time he said nothing.

However, he later loaded up a save and climbed back into the game, so fans of Minecraft will no doubt see much more of the game on his channel – even after such a huge setback.