xQc keeps spilling drinks on his keyboard, but isn’t letting that stop him - Dexerto

xQc keeps spilling drinks on his keyboard, but isn’t letting that stop him

Published: 13/Oct/2018 0:39

by Virginia Glaze


Professional Overwatch player and Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel can’t stop spilling drinks on his keyboard – but he isn’t letting the mess slow him down.

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xQc went live on Twitch for a game of Overwatch and got a little too hype after winning a match. He pounded his desk out of joy and ended up knocking over a cup of coffee, which splattered across his desk and on the floor.

“There’s coffee everywhere,” he commented, slurping up his spill from the desk’s surface. “Can’t be losing that free juice, dude, hell no.”


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That didn’t mark the end of his beverage hijinks, either. He ended up doing the same thing a second time after a loss, hitting his desk out of frustration and upsetting his cup. He appeared to be shocked when his drink splattered all over his keyboard due to the motion, but got right back in the game despite potential damage to the hardware.

“You have no idea how much [unintelligible] is on my keyboard right now,” he said after letting out a scream. Not having time to grab a napkin, he slurped up the excess beverage from his desktop in the middle of the game, much to his chat’s amusement.


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xQc is known for his hilarious antics on stream, which often end up with him abusing his keyboard out of frustration or unbridled elation. 

It looks like his equipment can take both a major beating and water damage, alike.