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xQc is having issues with stream donations

Published: 19/Oct/2018 0:03 Updated: 19/Oct/2018 0:13

by Bill Cooney


Livestream fails are some of the funniest parts of Twitch, but this spam encountered by Overwatch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel borders on slightly horrifying as well.

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As xQc was in an Overwatch match defending on Watchpoint Gibraltar, everything seems pretty normal until his stream’s donation voice starts saying “seven.”

A sudden influx of viewers, and their bots, spamming “seven” thousands of times all at once seemed to make xQc’s donation system freak out the same way he does most of the time.

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Any time someone donates money or bits during his stream, they can include a message that’s read with an automated voice and displayed on screen. For xQc, this mostly consists of people trying to troll him, and spam either “seven” or some other nonsense.


“Yo hey, I think there’s a problem man, this is not supposed to happen like that, man,” he cried as the endless voices continued. 

“Dude, listen, man, this is not gonna work, dude,” xQc laughed before staring at his screen, waiting in vain for the voices to stop.

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Besides Overwatch, xQc has also been playing a bit of Call of Duty’s new Blackout mode and reacting to it pretty much how you would expect. 

There’s no word yet on whether or not xQc has fixed his donation system, or if he’s just chosen to live with the endless computer voices forever.