xQc instantly regrets cutting his own hair live on Twitch & unveils new "Karen" hairstyle - Dexerto

xQc instantly regrets cutting his own hair live on Twitch & unveils new “Karen” hairstyle

Published: 13/Mar/2021 13:03

by Luke Edwards


After letting his hair grow out for so long, xQc has finally decided to get it cut. The thing is, he decided to cut it himself live on stream, and the result is disastrous.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has been in the limelight a fair amount in 2021, and not always for the right reasons. After being the key villain of the OfflineTV Rust server, he was banned twice from GTA RP on NoPixel, and isn’t due to return for a while.

He’s since been drawn into further beef with fellow streamer Hasan, in a saga involving leaked DMs and accusations of villainy – although xQc did eventually apologize.


Throughout all the drama – xQc’s hair has been left free to grow. But this latest drama seems to have tipped him over the edge, as he channeled his ‘malding’ into finally chopping it off.

xqc with long hair
xQc’s hair had become ridiculously long.

While xQc is currently living in Texas, where hair salons are still open, he chose to avoid them, as he cut his hair live on stream. Heading into the challenge, his hopes were extremely low.

“I’m done with this, I’m just gonna cut my hair. It will be really, really bad though,” he said.

But he soon took a more positive outlook. “This is the new internet trend across America,” he added. It’s called DIY haircut.”


After 30 grueling minutes of cutting his own hair, xQc later unveiled the end product on Twitter, with a brief analysis of the result.

“I’ve been kind of malding lately, so I went full Britney Spears and cut my own hair,” he said, before whipping off his hood to reveal the abomination underneath. “And now I look like a Karen.”

His fans didn’t exactly give much positive feedback on it, either. Fellow Twitch partner PaladinAmber likened his new look to the bad guy from Shrek. “Lord Farquaad’s been real quiet since you posted this,” she said.

xQc had received stick for his hairstyle back in October 2020, as he pleaded with fans not to compare him to the much-reviled Shrek character.


The horrendous result of this haircut might well be the motivation he needs to get some audio-only content, like the first episode of his Joe Rogan-style podcast, through the door.

Whether xQc will keep the ‘Karen’ hairstyle for much longer remains to be seen; now might be the time to take a trip to the barbers.