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xQc hilariously “hacks” into something while streaming

Published: 6/Nov/2018 23:10 Updated: 6/Nov/2018 23:22

by Bill Cooney


Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is known for his, let’s call it eccentric, behavior and he gave fans a great example during a recent stream when he apparently tried to hack into the mainframe of something. 

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While waiting for an Overwatch match to start, xQc pulls up the hacker typer website and begins furiously fake hacking into something.

After he “bypasses the back gate,” xQc’s stream partner m0xyy tells him he forgot the last, most important step: locking the door.

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A terrified xQc looks wide-eyed at the camera as he realizes the mistake he’s made, and after a knock at the door, he springs into action.


After tactically rolling to the door, he locks it and holds it shut while shouting “m0xyy, enable overdrive now! I won’t hold much longer man, faster!”

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“Stand by gamers, m0xyy!” the streamer implores his viewers and his stream partner, before M0xyy informs him the task is complete.

We don’t know exactly who, or what, xQc was trying to keep out, but luckily m0xyy was there to bail him out yet again.