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xQc forced to end first Twitch stream in LA early after everything goes wrong

Published: 18/Oct/2021 7:46

by Brad Norton


Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s first Twitch broadcast back in Los Angeles didn’t quite go according to plan, as the popular streamer had his return cut short due to a number of mishaps.

After months of jumping from one house to another in response to “non-stop” Twitch stalkers, xQc finally made his way back to Los Angeles.

As one of the most popular figures on social media today, xQc made the call to return to LA to be closer to friends in the industry and also to accomplish some bigger dreams.

“It’s definitely about making it easier if I want to do stuff, to go to studios,” he said just a few weeks ago.


However, his first day back in sunny LA didn’t exactly meet his standards.

Just shy of two hours into his Twitch return and xQc’s broadcast came to an abrupt end. While fans were caught off guard at first, he soon took to Twitter and explained the situation.

“Of course,” xQc joked as if he was half expecting this turn of events. “It wouldn’t be a typical location move if the internet didn’t go out on the first day.”

Obviously, streamers are always in need of some of the best internet money can buy. While some pay a premium to have direct lines installed to their homes, others are left to deal with the Internet Service Providers (ISPs).


Given xQc only just moved into a new spot in LA, he’s in the latter half of the equation for now. As a result, network issues are to be expected from time to time. It just so happened that these issues didn’t wait around.

On his very first day back in front of a camera, it all came crashing down early into xQc’s typical stream duration.

Rather than waiting it out and trying to get back online, that was where he decided to call it a day for his first LA stream in the past few months.


Twitch disconnect symbol
Viewers were left to ponder what happened when xQc’s stream came to a sudden end.

Fortunately, xQc didn’t seem all too bothered by the short-lived return.

After a night off, he’ll be back to business as usual and streaming live on Twitch for hours on end — if his internet gets sorted out at least.