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xQc considering move back to LA after Shitcamp “honeymoon phase”

Published: 1/Oct/2021 23:52

by Theo Salaun


After joining fellow Twitch streamers in Los Angeles, California for “Shitcamp,” Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has revealed that the energy of LA has him considering moving back to Hollywood.

Back in July, people were wondering where xQc planned to live permanently as the streamer had just moved houses due to armed intruders. Now, several months later, the Juice Man is once again considering relocation — but, fortunately, for happy reasons this time.

During a stream following the conclusion of Shitcamp, where xQc participated in activities with streamers like Ludwig (and, accidentally, UFC star Nick Diaz), the Twitch star told chat he might want to move again.


The former Overwatch League pro used to represent the Los Angeles Gladiators and Dallas Fuel, both based in LA at the times, and now he might want to go back. As for why? He cited the “energy” of the city and potential content opportunities.

Originally from Quebec, Canada and having, more recently, lived in American states like Texas — Tinsel Town seems to be calling to xQc’s tastes.

As he told chat, it might be a Shitcamp “honeymoon phase,” but he “actually really enjoyed LA” and may “want to give it another try.” Elaborating, he noted that he appreciated the “energy of the city” and that it was “actually a lot of fun.”


Part of that fun was likely thanks to the Shitcamp activities, which can be watched in the streamer’s YouTube vlogs. And he did mention that living in LA will make life “easier if I want to do stuff, to go to studios and s**t … and we can actually do the ideas that I’ve been having over the months and years.”

But it wasn’t just the work stuff that got him going, as he mentioned social life as well: “Maybe I’m in my highschool phase, but it just feels like whenever you’re out, you’re at the place where you should be for some reason.”


Ultimately though, xQc isn’t fully convinced — although he seems very tempted to make the trip. If there’s one thing holding the Twitch legend back, it’s something that literally holds everyone in LA back: “The problem is the traffic, it gets on my nerves.”