xQc calls out Andy Milonakis for sympathy baiting after Twitter dispute - Dexerto

xQc calls out Andy Milonakis for sympathy baiting after Twitter dispute

Published: 25/Oct/2018 16:29 Updated: 25/Oct/2018 17:52

by Bill Cooney


After calling out celebrity Andy Milonakis on Twitter, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel took to his Twitch stream to criticize Milonakis for what he called “sympathy baiting.”

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The beef between the two started after Milonakis had been going back and forth with another streamer, Byron ‘Reckful’ Bernstein, about Bernstein’s Twitch channel. 

Milonakis asked for an apology from Bernstein after the exchange and that’s where xQc decided to get involved.

The Twitter exchange between Milonakis and xQc was pretty hilarious and included plenty of barbs both ways, but it would only be the beginning.

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Talking to viewers on Twitch during an Overwatch match, xQc explained why he had such a problem with Milonakis, “Don’t you see what Andy’s doing? It’s such simple knowledge sympathy baiting.”


“It’s just garbage,” the streamer lamented. “Hey Twitter, guys! Guys! Look! I’m typing to help Reckful, I’m being a nice guy, I’m Andy, I’m being nice guys look I’m helping him.”

He also said Milonakis was being intentionally passive-aggressive and tried to play it off, “I’m helping him, but I’m being passive-aggressive and then Reckful will get upset at me because I’m being passive-aggressive.”

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Then, after Milonakis was done being passive-aggressive, xQc said he started to play the victim, “‘Oh no guys, he’s being mean to me.’ ‘Oh it’s ok Andy you tried to help him.’ ‘I did I tried to help him,'” the streamer said as he fake cried for viewers.


“Shut the fuck up man,” xQc exclaims towards the end of the clip. “What a fucking cuck.”