xQc brutally roasts anyone who believes in astrological signs - Dexerto

xQc brutally roasts anyone who believes in astrological signs

Published: 4/Aug/2019 23:06 Updated: 4/Aug/2019 23:15

by Eli Becht


Overwatch pro is arguably becoming more known for his reactions to videos than he is for his top-tier gameplay. His viewership is often sitting above 20,000 and those people are just watching him watch YouTube content.

While he does spend a good chunk of his streams watching random videos and just chatting with his community, it’s caused a lot of fans to stick around and see what he’ll do next.

Blizzard EntertainmentxQc’s fiery personality led to lot of problems with the OWL.
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While taking some sort of test, xQc came across a question that required him to answer if “Astrology accurately explained many things”. It became very clear he has strong feelings about this.


He quickly selected ‘Strongly Disagree’ and went on a small rant about anybody who believes it matters is an idiot, but he used some much more colorful language while doing it.

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“If you take the papers and go ‘Oh I’m a Scorpion, you will meet someone today’ and go ‘Oh my God’, Fuck you,” he said. “Fuck you and your eyebrow.”

It’s pretty clear that xQc doesn’t have any sort of attachment to Astrology nor does he have any respect for those who do.

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One thing that fans love about xQc is he is always speaking what’s on his mind, but that has gotten him in trouble several times in the past.


Most recently, he saw a very temporary Twitch ban for showing what he described as a “piece of dick” for a split-second on his stream.

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The ban was quickly resolved by Twitch and he was back within the day, but he definitely learned his lesson about clicking on suspect videos and showing them on his broadcast.