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xQc mocks streamers who have insane “Spaceship” gaming setups

Published: 27/Apr/2019 13:40 Updated: 27/Apr/2019 15:03

by Daniel Cleary


Twitch streamer Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has explained why his streaming setup remains very modest, and mocked other streamers, big and small, who have insane streaming rooms and gaming setups.

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xQc’s stream setup remains modest despite success.

Formerly of the Dallas Fuel during the inaugural season of the Overwatch League, xQc parted ways with the team after being suspended in Stage 2, and has since gone on to become one of the most successful streamers on the Twitch, amassing a huge following of over 1 million followers on the platform.

However, despite his massive success – and the income that comes with it – he still streams from his bedroom, with a rather understated setup – somewhat like other top streamer Tyler1.


Robert Paul for Blizzard EntertainmentxQc competing at the Overwatch World Cup qualifier under Team Canada.
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xQc vs Twitch streamers

He recently shared what he believes to be the secret to success with his viewers and even called out streamers who felt the need to spend so much money on their livestreaming setups to become successful.

Felix started by telling his fans to look at other streamers on Twitch who have tons of equipment such as a stream deck, sound filter, monitors, etc before jokingly adding dog cams and cat cams to the long list of equipment.

He then went on to even compare some of the other streamers to NASA analysts, detailing just how much equipment some of the other content creators actually have.


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xQc explained how he found it odd that he would often get lumped in with streamers like that and claimed that his stream was a lot more personal compared to those who spend so much on their setup, stating, “I don’t want to go into an office and feel like i’m going to work.”

He followed up by saying he felt that the old school approach to streaming was much more enjoyable for him and that “the more distance from the old school streaming from my room type things you do, the more you straw away from the things that make it fun.”


xQc detailed what he looks for in a streamer, “I only watch streamers that I relate to,” he stated. “When I go to somebody’s stream and he’s streaming from a fucking spaceship, I almost always leave immediately dude,” before saying he has nothing in common with other streamers on the platform who do things that differently from him.

With the likes of Ninja upgrading his streaming room in August 2018, many suspect the comments to be about him after the praise he received for how futuristic his gaming setup now looks.

It is unclear which streamers specifically xQc is talking about, however, as he did not mention any names while discussing the issue.