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Why Bryce Hall and Addison Rae unfollowed each other on social media

Published: 3/Dec/2020 20:05

by Virginia Glaze


Bryce Hall and Addison Rae have become TikTok’s star couple, finally confirming their confusing romance just a few days ago — but the two have suddenly unfollowed each other on Instagram, leading to speculation among fans.

Bryce and Addison — affectionately referred to as ‘Braddison’ by shippers — are two of TikTok’s most popular content creators, who were long rumored to be secretly dating despite their protests to the contrary.

However, on November 30, the two confirmed that they are officially dating, and have been together for nearly two months (although they did break up earlier this year after just three days).


Despite their overt affection and lovey-dovey posts online, the two suddenly unfollowed each other on Instagram, leading some fans to fear the worst.

Bryce Hall Addison Rae Instagram unfollow screenshots tiktokinsiders
Instagram: @tiktokinsiders
Fans were quick to notice that Bryce and Addison had unfollowed each other on Instagram.

However, it seems that the “unfollowing” was all a joke, as the couple have been openly laughing about a potential “breakup date” between them following their first official romance that only lasted three days.

As it turns out, the “breakup date” may have also came about as the result of an anonymous tip sent to media outlets and tea pages, which claimed that the entire “Braddison” relationship had been faked for views.

“Their relationship is completely fake,” the tip reads. “I work for Addison’s management company and it’s all for publicity and drama. They even have a tentative breakup date of December 3.”


Braddison anonymous tip
Instagram: @tiktokinsiders
An anonymous tip claimed that “Braddison” was a relationship completely faked for social media.

Luckily, it seems that fans are taking the supposed joke well, and are pretty amused at the TikTokers for firing subtle shots at paparazzi and drama by unfollowing each other to further “stir the pot.”

“At least they can take a joke,” one commenter said of the situation.

“Please, they are literally trolling y’all,” another wrote.


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For now, it looks like the new couple is doing quite well, if their social media posts are anything to go by. Already holding photoshoots with each other and hyping each other up online, it looks like “Braddison” is here to stay after months of denial and fan speculation.