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Who is H2O Delirious? Ninja and Ali-A take part in ‘face reveal’ of mysterious YouTuber

Published: 2/Apr/2019 11:28 Updated: 2/Apr/2019 12:36

by David Purcell


Mysterious YouTuber H2O Delirious claims to have finally revealed the personality behind the success of the channel, but could it actually be Fortnite Battle Royale content, linking some of the most high profile streamers and YouTube stars to the project. 

As an April Fools’ joke, H2O Delirious decided to post a video that – at first glance – might have seemed like a face reveal video. However, that wasn’t entirely the case. 

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H2O Delirious / YouTubeH2O Delirious posts videos relating to Fortnite and other games, with the face reveal attracting over 700,000 viewers at the time of writing.

H2O Delirious face reveal video

The video, posted on April 1, showed a series of people revealing that they were the real H2O Delirious with selfie cameras – one of which was popular Pokemon Go YouTuber Ali-A. 


While many of the posts were short and sweet, a longer clip was presented at the very end featuring Ninja, leaving some fans wondering if it was him all along. 

  • Read More: Call of Duty and doing a lot of simpler games, so I just felt it was time for you guys to know.” 

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    Ninja’s fake H2O Delirious reveal 

    The clip has been saved and shared on several media platforms since, including Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, and was even retweeted by Ninja himself. 

    Many of his fans will notice that there’s a voice changer at work in the clip, though, and that this ‘revelation’ is more than certainly a joke. 

    Ali-A responds to H2O Delirious video 

    YouTuber Ali-A, who recently eclipsed over 10 million subscribers on the platform, also created a mock reveal for H2O Delirious. “Hello! This is my face,” he said during the video. “H2O Delirious! Yep, that’s right. H2O Delirious.” 

    Ali-A has since responded to the clip on Twitter, too, adding that he thinks it “came out so well.” 

    Who is H2O Delirious? 

    For those that are not aware of who H2O Delirious is, well, the real answer is that nobody really knows. However, the channel has over 11 million YouTube subscribers and 4.3 million Twitter followers at the time of writing. 

    Whether or not the true identity behind the project will ever be revealed is unknown, but it’s not either of Ali-A or Ninja. That’s for sure.