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Who are the TikTok “bomb moms” and why are they getting famous?

Published: 6/Mar/2021 22:08

by Charlotte Colombo


TikTok content houses might be dying, but a friendship group that has recently gone viral on the social media platform has proved that ‘squads’ are alive and well. 

While groups of content creators like the Vlog Squad, Team 10 and Sway House are firmly in the past, a group on TikTok dubbing themselves the “bomb moms” has been flooding all over the app recently, with millions of fans enjoying their wholesome and relatable content surrounding motherhood and friendship.

Who are the “bomb moms”?

The “bomb moms” are a group of US-based mothers who regularly post content together about their lives and children. Although they all post on their separate accounts, the group has exploded in popularity lately, with the tags “bomb moms”, “bomb mom” and “bomb mom squad” amassing 34.6 million, 4.7 million, and 10.2 million views respectively.


The group also seems to be gearing up to make their own joint TikTok account. An account with the handle ‘bomb.moms’ has popped up in recent days with an illustration that appears to depict the group. Although the account is currently private, they have 5.6 million likes on their content and already have 249.6k followers.

TikTok: Danielle Ruppert
The group finally met for a trip to Disneyland in February.

Who is part of the “bomb mom squad”?

There are ten members of the “bomb mom squad” in total, but the most prominent member of the group is 25-year-old Danielle Rupert, who has posted extensively on her own TikTok about the group’s recent trip to Disneyland as well as a TikTok made as a tribute to her friendship with the other moms.


Other members of the group include Allisyn Michelle, Kim Challan, Alice Payne, Jessilyn Marie, Amanda Birtch, Aliyah Harmon, Eden Kim, Savannah Marable, Skye Hitchcock and Marisella, who has kept her surname private.


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The group claimed that they started following each other on TikTok over the autumn, and started making content under the hashtag #bombmoms in December.

Since then, the have built a formidable fanbase, with several fan pages dedicated to the group popping up on TikTok. Rupert also announced in January that “bomb mom” merch, such as t-shirts, were available to purchase.

The moms recently amassed some controversy for meeting with their kids for the first time on 18 February, with several fans expressing concern about the big meet-up given the current health crisis.

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One TikTok user said “I managed not to hang out with my friends, why not you guys?”, while another said “ya’ll are wrong for this.” Several users also criticized the group for not appearing to wear masks.

However, despite the controversy surrounding their trip, the “bomb moms” have appeared to inspire a lot of the other moms on TikTok, with several users posting videos expressing their desire to meet the viral squad.