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FaZe Rain returns to YouTube & Twitch following drug abuse scandal

Published: 19/Mar/2021 13:01

by Jacob Hale


Fans of one of FaZe Clan’s biggest stars, Nordan ‘Rain’ Shat, have breathed a collective sigh of relief as the creator has taken to YouTube and Twitch looking much healthier.

In the last few years, fans have seen a new and unsettling side of FaZe Rain, as he has dealt with numerous issues ranging from mental health troubles to drug abuse.

Things really took a turn when Rain’s drug abuse spilled onto his social media and it became immediately apparent to fans that something was up with the former CoD YouTuber.

He was kicked out of the FaZe house in May 2020 and has had a turbulent time since then, finally conceding that he had messed up and revealing he had been left paralyzed by his drug use. Now, the star is back creating content again, so here’s what happened and what he’s up to now.


When happened with FaZe Rain?

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FaZe Rain was very active on Instagram throughout the summer of 2020, during a period that left fans worried and even prompted fellow FaZe Clan members Teeqo and Nikan to intervene. During an alarming Instagram Live appearance he was using and seemingly promoting drugs to his audience.

It definitely seemed to kick things into gear though, with Rain then announcing his aims to get clean, with infrequent but promising posts since that provide a little more hope for fans of his.

What is FaZe Rain up to now?

As of March 2021, Rain has officially returned to YouTube and Twitch. On March 12, he posted a new video to his YouTube channel, explaining what had been going on with him and revealing that he was now wheelchair-bound.


In the video he vows never return to that state, but also says that he’s working with the best doctors to get back on his feet. Right now, he is suffering enormous amounts of pain and is unable to put his weight down on his legs, but with any luck that is something that can be remedied.

Not only that, but he has been regularly streaming on Twitch since the above update, predominantly playing Warzone and some GTA RP with other FaZe Clan members.

During his return stream, Rain detailed how he wasn’t a drug addict, and will easily stay off them, but says he was “addicted to dying,” with drugs being his idea of the best way to make that happen.


He details the rough mental state he was in frequently, even saying that he can’t remember around three months of the drug abuse at its peak.

That said, he looks a lot healthier in the YouTube video and his Twitch streams, and is clearly on the right path and in the right mindset.