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What is the gorilla vs snake TikTok? Animal face-off goes viral

Published: 28/Jun/2021 16:35

by Georgina Smith


A video showing a family of gorillas dealing with a rogue snake inside their enclosure at Animal Kingdom in Disney World is going viral on TikTok, with people gripped to the action.

With TikTok becoming one of the most popular social media apps, it’s given a new home to some of the internet’s most viral content. You can find videos from almost every category on the platform, and there’s no telling what’s going to go viral next.

In mid-June, a cut-off video of a man getting up after a 4v1 fight went super viral, with people shocked by the odds and wanting to find the full video online.


Now, users have been gripped by a new fight that literally took place in the Animal Kingdom.

User silkystrokesurvivor uploaded a video that appears to take place at Disney World, showing a glimpse into the gorilla enclosure. While the user was just filming a gorilla standing still, something suddenly caught the animal’s attention.

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@silkystrokesurvivorGorilla VS Snake ##disneyworld ##animalkingdom ##gorilla ##snake ##3minutes ##3minutevideo ##SilkyAF ##embracethesilk♬ original sound – Bearded Kraken

As they brought over other gorillas for backup, it became apparent that they had spotted a small snake in the corner of the enclosure.

It didn’t take long for them to try and bat it away, but they looked just as disturbed by the intruder as a human would be.


Even the largest of the group came to try and sort the situation out, but they all ended up standing there staring at the ground waiting for the creature to reappear.

Part 2 shows one of the gorillas daring to get their face right up close to it when they find it again, but it didn’t risk sticking around long after the snake flinched.

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@silkystrokesurvivorGorilla VS Snake Part 2! ##disneyworld ##animalkingdom ##gorilla ##snake ##SilkyAF ##embracethesilk ##chestbeat ##gorillasoftiktok ##gorillaglue♬ original sound – Bearded Kraken

A large group of people gathered at the window to watch the face-off play out, and even more people stopped by to enjoy the video when it popped up on their For You Page, with the TikTok currently at 1.5 million likes and over 10 million views