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What is Bandersnatch? Netflix drop new Black Mirror trailer with a shocking twist

Published: 27/Dec/2018 11:29 Updated: 27/Dec/2018 15:34

by Connor Bennett


The newest trailer for the highly-anticipated ‘Bandersnatch’ episode of Black Mirror has been released and it looks incredible.

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The series, which was picked up by Netflix in 2016, originated on Channel 4 in the UK.Since being picked up the streaming service, a further two seasons have been released, with the newest – season 5 – on the way.

Now though, the trailer for Bandersnatch has been released and the hype is certainly building. 

It is rumored to be an interactive choose-your-own-adventure episode, where fans can make choices and take the episode down the path that they desire. While that is not confirmed yet, the trailer does seem to hint in that direction. 


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Following the trailer, fans will get a glimpse of what might be to come. The episode, labelled as a ‘Black Mirror Event’ is built on the release of a new adventure video game – Bandersnatch – in the 1980s which is based upon a book of the same name in the episode. Images are shown of the game’s loading screen and book cover – it’s bright orange and blue colors playing off the dark and ominous tones behind the episode. 

The episode follows Stefan (played by Fionn Whitehead) as he joins the game’s development team to build the game which is based on the book from the author ‘Jerome F. Davies’ who Stefan labels as a ‘genius.’ The character is seen holding the book in the team’s studio and also reading a biography of Davies’ work whilst on the bus.


However, the author is shown to have had a murderous streak after ‘going cuckoo’ and decapitating his wife. 

The full trailer for the episode can be viewed below:

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While Black Mirror has not stuck to an annual release schedule, Bandersnatch is set to be released on December 28 – just under a year since the release of Season 4.

Fans anticipation for Season 5 will only grow with the viewing of the newest feature-length episode.