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What does PewDiePie think of Shane Dawson’s Jake Paul documentary?

Published: 2/Oct/2018 9:52

by Matt Porter


YouTube sensation Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg has revealed that he is not happy with the latest episode of Shane Dawson’s documentary series about Jake Paul.

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The second episode of the series is titled “The Dark Side of Jake Paul”, and sees Dawson sit down with YouTuber and therapist Kati Morton. In the video, Dawson and Morton speak about antisocial personality disorders, which is a term used by professionals to describe people with sociopathic tendencies.

While the video has been extremely successful, garnering over 16 million views, it seems like PewDiePie is not a fan of the latest episode of the show.


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Kjellberg took issue with the way that both Morton and Dawson described the characteristics of sociopaths, labelling their discussion as “incredibly vague”. Dawson asked Morton if things like having tattoos and driving fast were sociopathic tendencies, saying these questions “could fit anyone”.

PewDiePie also took a shot at the way the episode was edited. The video features dark, sombre music, and is edited like a horror film, with clips of Jake Paul and other popular YouTubers interlaced throughout the video.

At times, clips of YouTubers are even edited alongside videos of murderers, and PewDiePie felt that the inclusion of a disclaimer after the clips have been played was wrong. “You usually add the disclaimer before the video,” commented Kjellberg.


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PewDiePie states that he feels the premise of the entire series is wrong. “I think Shane made a mistake starting of the series asking if Jake Paul is a sociopath” stated the Swede. “It’s either yes or no. I don’t know if Jake Paul is a sociopath because I’m not a psychologist. But a lot of these topics are grey areas.”

There are six episodes of the docu-series left, with the next episode set to investigate the antics of the entire Paul family.