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Viral Amazon delivery van TikTok has the internet split

Published: 27/Oct/2021 14:12

by Connor Bennett


TikTok users have become enamored by a post showing a delivery driver and woman stepping out the back of an Amazon van, but some aren’t too sure if it’s actually real.

As TikTok has evolved and more users have jumped on board, the content in posts has become incredibly varied too. Take a quick scroll through your For You Page and you’ll see completely different videos as you go on.

The singing and dancing along to trending sounds videos are still there in a big way, but there are plenty of posts there that have one intention – to go as viral as possible.


Well, most recently, TikTok users have become obsessed with a video of an Amazon delivery driver and an unnamed woman stepping out the back of his van. Though, some are skeptical of what they’re seeing.

TikTok loading page on a phone with a bright background
Wikimedia Commons, Solen Feyissa
TikTok is a hotspot for viral trends and videos.

Original Amazon van TikTok video

The original video was first posted by patrickhook01 back on October 24 and has racked up over 11 million views since then, as users have shared it far and wide with friends and fellow TikTokers.

As noted, it shows a delivery driver and a woman stepping out the back of his van, with the woman seemingly checking if the coast is clear before taking a hop, skip, and jump away from the driver.


It didn’t take long for users to figure out what had seemingly gone on, joking that the woman might be doing her own delivery in nine months time. “Well that explains why my packages never come on time,” many users joked.


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While the internet has chimed in with all sorts of jokes about customer appreciation and getting a fire stick, there are some who believe the video might not be on the level.

Some viewers questioned how the person recording it was in the right place at the right time to catch them coming out the door.

Others noted that Amazon vans have cameras and trackers, which would give the game away if the driver was doing what the video appears to show.


TikTok comments on Amazon delivery van tiktok
Screenshot via TikTok
Some commenters weren’t too sure about the post.

Either way, the post continues to rack up views and comments across social media as the internet tries to get to the bottom of things.