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Valkyrae updates viewers after canceling stream for hospital visit due to health scare

Published: 23/Jun/2021 12:06

by Daniel Megarry


Popular streamer Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has given her followers an update after canceling a scheduled stream due to a health scare.

Valkyrae has an incredibly loyal following – she was even recently named the most-watched female streamer – so when she makes a change to her schedule, fans are naturally worried and want to make sure she’s okay.

In a tweet on June 22, Rae announced that she would have to cancel her scheduled stream as she was making a trip to the hospital. She explained that it was an “appendicitis scare” but could be something else.

“I gotta cancel stream today! At the hospital for an appendicitis scare but it might be something else,” she wrote, before promising, “I’ll make it up to you guys later!”


After six hours in the hospital, Rae took to her backup Twitter account to share an update with followers about her current situation, explaining that she was feeling less pain but that she needed to return to the hospital the next day.

“Blood drawn, IV, scans, etc. results – for ovarian cysts. Pain is down from a 9/8 sharp pain to a 3/2 bloated/uncomfortable gut. Great… but nerve wracking that the pain couldn’t be pinpointed,” she wrote.

“They want me back tomorrow… Resting today.”

Valkyrae received an outpouring of love following her tweets, with WWE star and streamer Thea Trinidad writing, “Sending healing & positive vibes your way,” and fellow 100 Thieves star CouRage tweeting, “Feel better, Rae!”


Fortunately, Rae’s viewers were also supportive of her decision to put her health first and sent plenty of positive messages her way. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that Valkyrae feels better soon!

It’s been a pretty incredible year for the streaming superstar. As well as becoming the co-owner of esports organization 100 Thieves, she recently starred alongside TikToker Bella Poarch in her viral Build a B*tch music video.

However, Valkyrae has also shared some of her more frustrating experiences as a streamer over recent months, admitting that YouTuber viewer demands leave her feeling “like a zoo animal” and that she may “pivot out” of social media due to hate.