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Valkyrae slams “fake drama” with GTA RP streamer Lyndi caused by fans

Published: 26/Jul/2021 19:18

by Virginia Glaze


Streaming star Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter is one of the most popular broadcasters out there right now — but internet fame can, at times, lead to unwanted drama.

Valkyrae is unquestionably one of the biggest names in the streaming world. After leaving Twitch to stream exclusively on YouTube, the 100 Thieves broadcaster-turned-Co-Owner was crowned ‘Content Creator of the Year’ at the 2020 Game Awards and even became the  internet’s most-watched female broadcaster that same year.

Boasting over 3.4 million YouTube subscribers, it stands to reason that Rae has a ton of fans who are highly invested in her streaming career — but sometimes, fans can take things too far.


In a July 25 broadcast, Rae revealed that she was “exhausted” due to ongoing drama that she claimed was created by members of her community and other viewers, stating that they’d fabricated tension between herself and fellow streamer Lyndi during a GTA RP session.

Valkyrae hits back at fan created drama
Instagram: Valkyrae
Valkyrae was crowned Content Creator of the Year at the 2020 Game Awards in wake of her hugely profitable switch from Twitch to YouTube.

“I think I am very mentally exhausted from the internet recently,” she admitted. “Very, very exhausted. Apparently, Lyndi — the girl I was roleplaying with yesterday — a lot of people were stream hopping and starting some weird, fake drama, saying that she hates me IRL.”

“I think it’s my community,” she continued. “My people — not just my people — but a lot of people tend to not differentiate roleplaying vs IRL… I just feel really bad. I feel responsible.”


Rae isn’t the only one who’s spoken out on the drama; Lyndi herself reacted to the rumors during her own broadcast and hit out at those responsible for spreading the drama in a heated statement.

“I have never said anything bad about Valkyrae,” Lyndi said after uttering some exasperated expletives. “I f**king love Valkyrae. I watch her streams. I think she’s a f**king woman. She’s a role model. I love her. She’s a boss babe!”

“If you come at me thinking I’ve said anything bad about Valkyrae, you have me all the way f**ked up!” she added. “Grow the f**king hell up!”


This isn’t the first time Valkyrae has expressed frustration with the internet and all the drama it can bring; the streamer hit out at demands from viewers in early June, claiming she “felt like a zoo animal” catering to their whims.

Luckily, Rae has been met with a ton of support and positivity from fans after expressing how she feels, and it seems like there’s no bad blood between she and Lyndi whatsoever.