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Valkyrae’s RFLCT brand ‘effectively terminated’ after skincare launch backlash

Published: 30/Oct/2021 15:18

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter’s RFCLT skincare line website and products are no longer available as the brand has been ‘effectively terminated’ amid the backlash. 

Ever since she first announced her RFCLT skincare line on October 19, Valkyrae has been faced with constant backlash due to some of its claims.

She’s broken her silence multiple times since and even flirted with the idea of leaving the contract.

Now, the products have disappeared from the internet. Both the RFLCT website has been taken down, and the products have been removed from ULTA’s online store — RFLCT’s retail partner.

Valkyrae RFLCT Promotion
Valkyrae’s controversial RFLCT skincare line has been removed from online stores.

Twitter user ‘luminirae’ was one of the first to point it out on social media.  “The website restarted to timer again for the RFLCT site is gone. What could this mean?” they wrote.


The conversation continued on other social media platforms too as fans quickly suggested that the products had been axed.

As of October 30, the RFLCT site has been updated with a statement noting that the products are “no longer available” for purchase. “While we believe in the formulations created, after further reflection, have decided to move forward on new paths, effectively terminating the RFLCT brand,” they say.

Screenshot from RFLCT site with statement on beauty products
Screenshot: RFLCT
The RFLCT brand is no more.

While some users have quickly celebrated the end of the brand, some believe the product will be re-branded and sold under a different name. “There’s no way it isn’t coming back in some shape or form. I’m sure the company will rebrand RFLCT and keep selling it,” said /u/creakshift.


Valkyrae has kept a low profile ever since she was asked to delete footage of her talking about the situation to avoid legal issues.

She hasn’t commented on the website being taken down and the product’s removal yet, and neither has ULTA. We’ll update this article with more information if they do.