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Tyler1 reveals the first thing he’d do if he was hired to balance League of Legends

Published: 28/Sep/2018 23:34

by Calum Patterson


Popular streamer Tyler1 has always had strong views on how League of Legends could be better balanced, and recently explained exactly how he would tackle the game’s issues if he was in charge.

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Tyler1’s relationship with League of Legends’ publisher Riot Games has always been rocky, mainly due to his very strong opinions on balancing in the game, which has got him in trouble plenty of times in the past.

However, he seemed to have made amends somewhat with Riot after being invited to take part in the showmatch at the recent NA LCS playoffs – but if you thought that was the end of his tirades against the devs, you would be mistaken.


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Asked during a recent stream what he would do if hired to balance the game, tyler1 gave a detailed description of exactly what he would do from the moment he entered the office – and it didn’t involve much balancing at all.

Rather, he explains how he would first fire pretty much everyone in sight, before proceeding to smash their keyboards over his knees “so they could never do anything to the game again.”

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The patch notes for version 8.19 were just released for League of Legends, which Tyler1 reviewed on stream, and it goes without saying he wasn’t entirely impressed, pointing out the notable absence of any changes to Akali.


If Tyler1 actually has any ambitions of working on League of Legends, and given his chances of ever working at Riot don’t seem high, his best bet would be to continue utilising his massive stream following, which as a community seems to agree with him on most of the changes he desires.