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Twitter trolls Facebook over name change to Meta

Published: 29/Oct/2021 15:26

by Lawrence Scotti


Twitter joined in on the fun of roasting of Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement that Facebook would be renamed to ‘Meta’, a change that sparked plenyt of memes.

On October 28, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced the company would be changing its name to Meta.

The change caused a whirlwind of memes and posts all over the internet, on not just the company changing its name but to the fact that ‘Meta’ is an obvious gaming reference.

Rival social media platform Twitter decided to join in on the fun, teasing a potential rebrand of their own.

facebook app
Facebook’s new name will be Meta.

Twitter’s own account, simply @Twitter, made fun of Facebook by tweeting a joke about Facebook’s name change.


The company tweeted, “BIG NEWS lol jk still Twitter” just after Facebook announced their big branding change. Twitter ragging on Facebook’s name change is suiting given the two companies have been the biggest social media platforms, and competitors, since each came to be in the mid-2000s.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey also weighed in on his personal account, pointing out the literal definition of the word ‘meta’.

Twitter wasn’t the only company to rag on Facebook after the announcement. A few other big companies joined in on the “Meta” memes, like the fast-food chain Wendy’s, who fake rebranded their company name to simply “Meat.”


Wendy’s took the joke even further and actually changed their display name on Twitter to Meat.

Along with the name change, people also had some fun photoshopping Zuckerberg’s presentation, replacing the new logo for Meta with fictional villainous companies, like Umbrella Corporation from Resident Evil.