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Twitter reacts to GameStop & Robinhood saga: xQc, Elon Musk, & more

Published: 29/Jan/2021 12:22

by Georgina Smith


Online personalities have been weighing in with their thoughts via Twitter on the insane GameStop and Robinhood drama to sweep not just the internet, but the world’s media.

The last group of people who were expected to shake up the stock market was a group of Redditors, but that’s exactly what they did when their mission to “short-squeeze” GameStop’s stock went viral, causing absolute chaos to erupt.

On January 28 $GME hit its peak of $469.42, but the climb was put to a halt when moves from popular trading apps like Robinhood meant restrictions for those trying to trade GameStop stock.


This promptly led to outrage from not only regular people, but many influencers, politicians, and more who had something to say about the way the situation was being handled by these huge companies. Whether it was hot takes, criticisms, or memes, it seems like everyone had something to say.

Business mogul and Tesla owner Elon Musk gave the buzz a boost when he shared a link to the subreddit that started it all, /r/WallStreetBets, with the simple caption “gamestonk!” He also weighed in with his opinion that “shorting is a scam,” taking the side of the subreddit.

Elon Musk tweets about GameStop

Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodríguez Santiago, the founder of G2 Esports, hit out at trading app Robinhood for ironically “stealing from the poor,” and FaZe banks revealed that he had actually had his $NOK order canceled by the app, calling them “scum.”



YouTuber Ethan Klein of H3H3 productions didn’t hold back when he also slammed Robinhood after calling hedge-funds “parasitic money blackholes.”

Ethan Klein tweets about GameStop

Logan Paul tweeted a stock market meme of his own, before having the WallStreetBets founders on the Impaulsive podcast to talk to them directly about the crazy situation.

Logan’s brother Jake Paul even uploaded a fight poster of him and the CEO of Robinhood, saying “I think the Robinhood CEO needs an ass-whooping.”

Streamer xQc also joined in on the conversation, tweeted an all caps message calling the “stock manipulating” a “disaster.”

In another tweet, he also referred to Robinhood as “shameless shmucks.”


xQc tweets about GameStop

The GameStop saga has certainly been a mind-blowing one, and it seems to be bringing together huge groups of politicians, influencers, personalities, and ordinary people as the drama with Robinhood continues.