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TwitchCon 2022 plans announced: dates & locations

Published: 22/Sep/2021 16:28

by Dylan Horetski


Twitch has officially announced plans for TwitchCon in 2022, revealing the locations and months the live-streaming convention will take place. 

Normally held twice a year, TwitchCon typically holds an event in North America and Europe to celebrate some of the platform’s streamers and communities. It hosts a wide range of activities to experience such as meet and greets, panels, and Twitch Rivals tournaments.

While both events were replaced for GlitchCon in 2020 due to global health concerns, followed up by the cancellation of the event in 2021, they have released their plans to hold the events in 2022.

TwitchCon has taken place in San Diego for several years now

TwitchCon 2022 dates & locations

According to a blog post from the Amazon-owned website, in the past year, they have welcomed  8,550 new partners, as well as 548,000 affiliates, bringing the total to over 50,000 partners and 1.5 million affiliates on Twitch.


They went on to cite an immense growth in the platform, and they’re excited to bring back the live-streaming convention. TwitchCon will have two events again, the first taking place in  Amsterdam sometime in July 2022 and San Diego sometime in October 2022.

This will be the first time TwitchCon will take place in Amsterdam, as it was scheduled to take place there in 2020 before it was ultimately canceled alongside its San Diego counterpart.

Twitch Rivals often hosts tournaments at events for some of the biggest streamers and pro players in esports, in 2019 they held a Fortnite tournament.

It was not without its issues though, as NICKMERCS threatened to leave over tournament problems, someone tried to fight Pokimane, and xQc got kicked out of a party.


The conference is the main event for fans to meet their favorites and for Twitch to make big announcements on the future of the platform. It’s also always packed for both European and North American events.