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Twitch streamer’s kendama trick goes badly wrong

Published: 4/Dec/2020 12:30

by Georgina Smith


Twitch streamer CruzRivas was caught in a hilarious blunder on stream, showing off his skills on a wooden kendama toy when the ball went awry in a painful looking conclusion, leaving him in fits of laughter.

For many viewers, one of the best things about live streaming is that there’s no way to cut out those wild or embarrassing moments. Some of the most hilarious clips on the internet have come out of wacky things that end up happening while live.

In the past, streamers have been captured being attacked by a rogue goose, and being farted at by an elephant, which have people in the chat quickly rushing to clip the bizarre situation.


But some of the most brilliant moments happen inside the home, as streamer CruzRivas proved.

Twitch streamer CruzRivas looks at his phone
Instagram: cruzrivas
CruzRivas is relatively new to the world of streaming, having set up his channel in October 2020

A cool trick quickly ends in disaster

He decided to take his gaming content old school by showing his skills with a kendama. A kendama is a traditional Japanese toy made up of a wooden sculpture and a ball. CruzRivas looked effortlessly cool as he spun the toy around, swapping between the cup and the ball with ease.

Although things quickly went downhill when the ball spun out of control and smacked him square in the face.

He immediately let out a half-laugh half-cry and threw himself face down on his bed, with the chat losing it straight away over the slip-up.


The streamer took it well, however, immediately in fits of laughter along with the chat. “Oh my God that f***ing hurt. Oh my God. Chat I’ve never done that in my life.” He went on to say: “I’m so embarrassed I don’t even want to talk anymore.”

Though the embarrassment didn’t stop him from pulling up the clip right after and watching it together with his viewers.

While he showed that he’d ended up with a raised bump on his eyebrow, CruzRivas seemed to take the incident in light spirits, and it certainly proved to be an unintentional highlight of the stream.