Twitch streamer's heartbreaking 99.9% Jump King fail makes him completely give up - Dexerto

Twitch streamer’s heartbreaking 99.9% Jump King fail makes him completely give up

Published: 15/Aug/2021 12:56

by Shay Robson


Australian Twitch streamer sennyk4 reached 99.9% on the newest Jump King level before falling down to 8% within 20 minutes in a heartbreaking clip that has since gone viral.

Jump King has claimed its spot at the top of Twitch once again with the release of its newest level, Babe of Ascension.

The rage-inducing game has got many of the biggest streamers on Twitch racing to get to the top before the rest to claim their bragging rights as the Jump King master.


One streamer who almost completed the new level was ‘sennyk4‘, an Australian streamer who reached 99.9% completion before falling down to 8% within 20 minutes.

With close to 2000 viewers watching, the streamer was just three jumps away from 100% completion. That was until he choked, plummeting down over 20% of the level in mere seconds.

In utter disappointment and fueled with anger, sennyk4 was determined to climb his way back up. With his friends and Twitch chat mocking him, the streamer started getting stressed, causing him to make even more mistakes.

The next 20 minutes was one step forward, two steps backward as he’d climb up and fall down even further than before. Eventually, he hit rock bottom, falling down to just 8% completion, the lowest he’d been at in days.


“Dude you literally just manually restarted, you might as well just restart,” said one of his friends, and that’s exactly what he did. After five hours, consisting of 10931 jumps and 756 falls, sennyk4 decided to reset and start from 1%. “I need a TikTok break,” said the streamer.

After a short break, he went back at it, eventually making his way back up to a peak of 70% completion… until he once again fell back down, leading to him deciding enough was enough and calling it a day.