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Twitch streamer who was caught faking cancer criticized over early return

Published: 18/Sep/2021 8:40

by Andrew Amos


‘MsDirtyBird,’ the Twitch streamer who faked a cancer diagnosis, has been criticized for making her return to the platform three weeks after her lie unraveled. She has taken up a podcast and commentary role, as well as restarted her personal stream.

MsDirtyBird was widely condemned after claiming she had brain and lung cancer in streams dating back to January 2021.

Once she admitted to misleading her viewers, she was dropped from her organization, N7 Esports, and issued two apologies after her first one was deemed “scripted” by the community.

She claimed she’d be taking a break from streaming lasting between “six months to a year.” However, she returned to the platform in just three weeks to help out on a Rocket League broadcast.


MsDirtyBird Rocket League streamer faked cancer
Twitch: MsDirtyBird
MsDirtyBird, who primarily streams Rocket League, has returned to the platform after just three weeks.

“I have opened up my account again, and I want to apologize for lying to the Rocket League community and hurting you guys,” she said on Twitter on her return.

“I lied about having cancer but it wasn’t recently. I had lied about it back in January.

“I can’t say that I remember when I told the lie about me having cancer, but I can say that I didn’t realize that it was a lie that I couldn’t get out of.”

The organizer, Slips, has faced widespread criticism for giving MsDirtyBird a platform. Many viewers vowed to “skip” the broadcast because of the streamer’s presence.


MsDirtyBird said she was “grateful” for the platform giving her a second chance.

She has also restarted her personal stream, going live on Twitch on September 16 in front of 20 average viewers.

Her chat was kept clean by moderators, with no negative comments appearing on the VOD, which Dexerto has seen.