Twitch streamer panics after realizing GTA V strip club has naked dancers - Dexerto

Twitch streamer panics after realizing GTA V strip club has naked dancers

Published: 27/Apr/2019 16:00 Updated: 27/Apr/2019 16:38

by Joe Craven


A Korean Twitch streamer was left hilariously fumbling to exit her GTA V game, after entering the in-game strip club and being faced with a naked stripper – which appeared to take her by surprise.

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Despite initially being released back in 2013, Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V has experienced an impressive resurgence in popularity on Twitch recently, as streamers flock to do “GTA V Role Play” streams. Some of the biggest streamers in the world, such as Summit1g, have enjoyed a return to the game of late, as viewers have enjoyed watching.

One of these Twitch streamers is ‘jammi95’, who has over 27,000 followers on the live-streaming platform. She was streaming Grand Theft Auto V on April 27, when she decided to enter the strip club in-game, with unsurprisingly NSFW results.


RockstarGTA V is known for its violence, nudity and adult themes.
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It’s not clear what she was expecting when entering the ‘strip club’, but she certainly seemed surprised after she encountered a naked figure. Jammi panicked and tried to exit her game, but ended up simply minimizing it and having it smaller in the bottom right of her screen.

After finally managing to close her game, still looked shell-shocked by the whole affair, and remained in silence as her as her chat amusingly spammed ‘ㅋ’, used to denote laughter. 

Warning – clip is NSFW and contains nudity.

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Jammi was probably most concerned about breaking Twitch’s terms of service, which have very strict guidelines regarding nudity and what constitutes appropriate content. A breach of terms of service often leads to bans for streamers, both temporary and permanent.


Twitch is usually lenient when nudity appears in-game however, as they understand it’s not always easy to predict when it might happen – although entering a strip club is perhaps more obvious. Popular streamer xQc made a similar mistake on one of his GTA V livestreams.

Whatever Jammi was expecting when she went into the strip club, it resulted in an undeniably hilarious moment for her watching audience.