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Twitch streamer Ludwig explains why people shouldn’t vape

Published: 11/Dec/2020 17:57 Updated: 27/Feb/2021 13:50

by Georgina Smith


Twitch streamer Ludwig slammed the vape industry for being “predatory” in an anti-vape advert during the Game Awards on December 10, revealing his own take on the habit after working personally in the industry in the past.

The Game Awards 2020 proved to be an eventful night as always, with games like the Last of Us 2 winning big, and plenty of famous faces appearing to celebrate one of the biggest nights in the gaming industry.

Various segments were hosted by some top celebrities such as actor Tom Holland, but also some familiar gaming personalities were there to lead the night, including Alanah Pearce who spoke on behalf of This is Quitting, an initiative to help young people quit vaping.


Ludwig Super Smash Bros Melee
Twitch: Ludwig
Ludwig has done it all, from competing and commentating to entertaining and streaming.

Ludwig didn’t stop to watch the whole segment however, as he had some strong opinions of his own that he wanted to share about the vape industry.

“Hey, let me cut the sh*t,” he began “Guys, don’t vape. I don’t know if you do vape.” The streamer went on to explain his past work in the vape industry, saying “I used to sell vapes actually. And some of the vapes I sold, actually looked like iPod nanos from 2008, it was extremely predatory and insane. And that’s the industry I worked in.”

He slammed the industry by revealing that “it’s all unregulated, no one knows what the f**k they’re doing, everyone just tries to copy JUUL and get as many people addicted to nicotine as possible.”


Ludwig finished his passionate message by saying “that’s it, that’s it. No alternative, no plans for anything. It’s all insane, don’t vape.”

It’s clear that having worked in the vape industry, the streamer has seen the darker side of that world, and he certainly seems to be passionate about the cause, imploring his viewers to avoid vaping and potential subsequent addictions.

Ludwig has over one million followers on Twitch, and has been surging in popularity over the past year thanks to some brilliant clips from his streams that have went viral.