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Twitch streamer loses it after continuously failing simple Zelda puzzle

Published: 28/Feb/2020 18:24

by Kamil Malinowski


Twitch streamer ‘Hill1030’ lost it after hilariously failing to complete a simple puzzle in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 

The Zelda series is possibly the most popular action-adventure game series out there and many fans still enjoy the vast amount of games. One of the latest editions, Breath of the Wild, is somewhat of a fan-favorite and is still fairly popular on Twitch, even nearly three years after its initial release.

One of the most interesting parts of the games are the puzzles, which range from extremely simple tasks to complicated patterns and extremely long quests. It’s not uncommon for players to get stuck on a puzzle, however, streamer Hill1030 hilariously couldn’t make it past a puzzle which was as simple as putting a cube in a cube-shaped hole.


Zelda is one of the most popular game series out there.

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During a broadcast, Hill had to use a magnet to simply move a cube into a hole. Some may not even consider this to be a puzzle – but with how much the Englishman struggled, there’s even an argument to be made for it being one of the most difficult tasks in the game.

“Oh my God, get in! Get in the hole!” He shouted as he failed to put the cube in the hole. Hill then moved back and forth, trying to get it right but failing miserably, moving the object slightly off-center so it wouldn’t go in.


He fiddled with it some more, trying to get the perfect line-up and attempted to push it in, before amusingly failing once again and letting out a sigh.

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The streamer then screamed in frustration as he kept failing and eventually the cube erupted, hilariously pulling Link through the hole instead.

At this point Hill lost it with laughter, shouting “Oh my God Link went through the hole” before starting to laugh and cover his face in frustration.

He then tried again and after some struggle finally completed the ‘puzzle’ and almost jumped out of his chair at the excitement of putting a cube in a hole.