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Twitch streamer hits the whip so hard he dislocates his arm

Published: 19/Aug/2020 13:52

by Matt Porter


When people think about the dangers of Twitch streaming, few ever mention the physical traumas that can befall content creators, especially while performing dance moves. Unfortunately for Australian ‘udysof,’ he has become the poster boy for such tragedies after whipping too hard and dislocating his shoulder. 

Dancing is definitely a popular activity on Twitch, with hundreds of streamers around the world regularly broadcasting themselves busting moves to the latest pop hit on games like Just Dance, to the delight of audiences who love to watch their favorite content creators dab or ‘nae nae’ for their entertainment.

Perhaps this section should come with a severe health warning, though, as we watch these young men and women put their bodies on the line, day in and day out, all to provide top quality content for us.


Australian League of Legends streamer udysof, whose real name is Toby, didn’t realize that when he woke up on August 18, he would be heading for the emergency room thanks to a simple dance known as “the whip.”

Taste-testing chocolate on stream, and after snorting Smarties for some reason, the streamer received two new subscribers to his channel. While shouting them out, he offered to hit a whip in their honor. Toby then immediately hit the most powerful whip the world has ever seen, with the sheer force of the dance move popping his shoulder out of the joint completely.


Unsurprisingly, Toby gave an absolute shriek of pain the moment the shockwaves presumably created from the move hit him, clutching his right shoulder with his left arm, while his left hand seemed stuck in place to the top of his head.

“I just dislocated my arm!” he told his chat in a pained voice, yelling as he tried to move it. After struggling to open his door, Toby could be heard shuffling down the hallway shouting for his mom’s help.

It’ll come as little shock that Toby ended up in the emergency room, tweeting that he had popped his arm out of the socket “ridiculously far,” and that the damage was way worse than he expected it to be.


Thankfully, they were able to get the shoulder back in the right place after pumping him full of pain relief, and Toby was even able to post a cute selfie of himself in a hospital bed with his mom.

For those concerned about the streamer’s current condition, the good news is that he’s back home and streaming again, going for one-armed victories in Fall Guys with his right arm currently in a sling.

If this story isn’t crazy enough already, a second streamer somehow managed to dislocate their arm on the exact same day, when he punched his leg after losing the final round of a Fall Guys map, only for his right shoulder to pop out too, ending stream with “I need to go to hospital,” while clearly in some pain.


For years, people have claimed that streamers are safe from physical harm while doing their job, but it’s clear that’s no longer the case, with dance moves and Fall Mountain causing serious harms to defenseless gamers across the globe.

So remember, the next time you boot up your stream, be careful with how much power you put into your whip and make sure you don’t tilt while playing Fall Guys, or else you might be the next viral sensation who ends up in an emergency room.