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Twitch streamer gets roasted by Family Feud contestant and it’s brutal

Published: 5/Feb/2021 12:03

by Georgina Smith


Twitch streamer Northernlion was left almost speechless after he got roasted by his opponent in an online game of Family Feud, with them taking advantage of the question to make a “bald” joke.

Playing games online with other real people instead of AIs is always going to come with its totally unexpected moments, but playing with others online whilst streaming to an audience of thousands is even more impossible to predict.

While for some games, the scope of your interaction with others can be fairly wide and varied – but in a game, as structured as Family Feud, it wouldn’t seem as though there’s quite as much opportunity to roast other players.


Two players playing the Family Feud game
Twitch: Northernlion / Ubisoft Entertainment
The game follows the same structure as the TV show it is inspired by.

However, this was proven wrong in Northernlion’s Twitch stream when he was playing a game of Family Feud with a single other online opponent named AnnaBanana.

It seems Northernlion had just dipped back into the game after a while of not having played it because he, “forgot about that fact that it’s kind of not that great,” so he likely had low expectations for the game ahead.

In a double points round the pair were asked to “name a reason no one would want to be around you first thing in the morning.”

While AnnaBanana managed to buzz in first, Northernlion instantly starting listing off the most obvious answers to the question. “Bad breath, grumpy, don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee.”


As the clock ticked down, his opponent finally revealed her totally unexpected answer: “bald.” As he read the answer, he couldn’t help but smile, saying “you… son of a bitch.” He definitely took it in good humor though, laughing once he’d realized her insult.

Unsurprisingly, the answer wasn’t up on the board, but AnnaBanana definitely took the hit just so she could throw in the insult to keep the game interesting.

As his own response to the same question, Northernlion got his own back by writing, “bad at family feud,” which is about as shady as the game will allow.


AnnaBanana’s roast was unexpected but hilarious for this streamer’s viewers, who kept referencing the “bald” joke in the chat throughout the rest of the game, with the highlight going viral in the aftermath as well.