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Twitch streamer gets hosted by Shroud at the worst possible time

Published: 5/Nov/2018 22:17 Updated: 5/Nov/2018 22:38

by Wyatt Donigan


Getting hosted by someone like Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek is usually a great thing for small Twitch streamers, but one streamer awkwardly dealt with a raid after being caught mid-conversation talking about anime. 

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Shroud is known for frequently hosting or giving large donations to small streamers when he closes out his stream every day.

Usually, the streamers have reactions that range from underwhelming to amazing, but ‘moistcr1tikal’ found himself flustered by the huge raid for a completely different reason.

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While playing Runescape, moistcr1tikal was talking to his viewers about who his favorite anime character was just as Shroud decided to give him a 15,000-viewer host.


“Oh Jesus fucking Christ, and I’m talking about anime!” moistcr1tikal says as he realizes what’s happening. “He fucking caught me with my fucking pants down.”

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Trying to save face for any of his viewers that might look down on anime, moistcr1tikal backtracks in hilarious fashion to try and salvage the situation.

“I hate anime. I love football. I love the pigskin. I slap my boy’s asses in the locker room,” moistcr1tikal exclaims to try and defend his honor.

He didn’t stop there, either, as he continued by declaring his love for keg stands and beer before giving one last “I fucking hate anime. I hate cartoons” to close things out.


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His love of anime wasn’t the only thing that moistcr1tikal was regretting, as he was sure to apologize for viewers forced to go from Shroud’s insane Blackout gameplay to him playing Runescape.

“What horrible fucking gameplay. You go from Shroud’s godlike aim to me making fire. Yikes.”

At the end of the day, though, moistcr1tikal was appreciative of the raid and simply fell back into his usual groove soon after.