Twitch streamer Erobb roasted by chat for using brown stained towel - Dexerto

Twitch streamer Erobb roasted by chat for using brown stained towel

Published: 29/Jul/2019 8:40

by Connor Bennett


Twitch streamer Eric ‘Erobb’ Robbins was left questioning what exactly he had put on his head after picking up a disgustingly dirty towel on-stream as his chat piled on with jokes. 

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Aside from letting gamers show off their high levels of skill, Twitch is also home to the weird and wonderful world of IRL [in real-life] streaming – where users can choose to do as little or as much as they want.

One of the more popular streamers in the category, Erobb, has racked up over 148,000 thousand followers thanks to his daily antics. Yet, that number might change quite a bit after he ran into a pretty disgusting issue on-stream. 


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Twitch: ErobbErobb has a loyal army of viewers who tune into his Twitch stream on a regular basis.

During his July 28 broadcast, the streamer had been demonstrating how he dries himself off after a shower when he had to pick up a towel to really make his point. However, things seemed off from the outset as viewers noticed a number of unknown, brown-colored stains. 

Regardless, Erobb wrapped the towel around his head before finally taking notice of his viewer’s messages. “I just put this on my head. Did someone clean their shit with this?” he asked, after uncovering the mess. “Why did you guys not tell me?” 

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To save any further embarrassment, the streamer quickly got rid of the towel and returned to his stream before trying to figure out what he had just wrapped around his head.


He continued on with his own explanation: “I need to go take a shower now because I feel gross. What I think that was, you know how Russel’s shoes are really dirty or Darion’s? I think they cleaned their fucking shoes with the towel I used to dry myself off with.”

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Yet, his ever-faithful viewers were not buying that reasoning and immediately begun mocking him with childish insults. “It’s not shit. Stop calling me poopy head!” the streamer called out, as the memes quickly started to rack up.

However, even Erobb saw the funny side of things with the childish jokes. “Oh my god, stop calling me poopy head man,” he added while trying to contain his laughter. “It was not shit. I hope it wasn’t shit, that is disgusting.”


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Ultimately, the streamer was unable to get to the bottom of what had happened and carried on with his stream despite the constant jokes.

It might just prove to be a lesson for the future, however, as he’ll want to check things he picks up a little more carefully – especially if there are any brown stains hanging around.