Twitch streamer Erobb panics after accidentally showing what's on his second monitor - Dexerto

Twitch streamer Erobb panics after accidentally showing what’s on his second monitor

Published: 5/Oct/2021 12:33

by Sam Comrie


Twitch streamer Erobb221 is no stranger to absurd moments, but this hilarious mistake may have been something he’d wish to keep private. 

Setting up the perfect stream set-up is an arduous task and can often lead to unexpected problems. While streamer Erobb221 is used to intense situations in the gunfights of CS:GO, even that can’t prepare someone for embarrassing personal blunders.

It doesn’t matter whether it is controversy with Amouranth or unpackaging human waste on stream, Erobb continues to present viewers with bizarre stream adventures.

Despite having his stream ready and raring to go, Erobb221 found himself flustered a pesky tab revealed some insight into his spare time.


Erobb has shown viewers some odd situations before in the past.

Erobb221 gives his audience an eye-full

Waiting for the next game is a time for reflection, a time for engagement with your audience. Before he could get stuck into CS:GO, Erobb was keeping the vibe casual.

He was watching clips with chat when some tried to convince him that he’d leaked his credit information in the process. Others told him that wasn’t the case, which gave him the all-clear to move back into CS:GO.

“We’re good then,” the streamer said before his stream transitioned over to the game. Though, as he did so, a lewd Twitch clip flashed on stream ever so briefly. Clearly taken back by the situation, Erobb added “that looks worse…” and that he was “clicking links” on his desktop.


Naturally, some fans suggested that it was staged given it isn’t the first time Erobb has found himself in unique scenarios before.

Whether is just bad luck or something more elaborate, Erobb is still making his fans question the authenticity of his shenanigans.