Twitch streamer doxxes viewer after misunderstanding donation as a death threat - Dexerto

Twitch streamer doxxes viewer after misunderstanding donation as a death threat

Published: 24/Apr/2019 14:08

by Matt Porter


A GTA V Twitch streamer who focuses mainly on GTA RP has faced criticism for doxxing a donator live on stream, releasing their full name and email address.

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GTA RP has become a major hit on Twitch, with viewers watching in droves as their favorite streamers become new characters in Grand Theft Auto’s Los Santos city, taking on jobs and interacting with other players.

With more eyes on the category, streamers have seen a huge rise in the amount of subscriptions and donations, but it appears that one specific donation may have rattled Spekel, who is a regular in the category.


Rockstar GamesGTA RP has become a major hit on Twitch.
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Spekel doxxes the donator

While streaming on Wednesday, April 24, Spekel received a donation, and after reading it, released the full name and email address of the donator in her chat.

In a clip that has been saved from the broadcast, Spekel can be heard saying: “Alright guys, here’s the guy who wants to send a death threat. There’s his full name and this is his email address. If you guys want to go – nah, fuck him.”

The viewer then sent another donation that stated his original comment, which Spekel viewed as a death threat, was in relation to an action she performed in-game, with the stream responding again, stating: “You might want to be a little clearer about that, because you’re acting a little psycho man. Don’t doxx him? Nah, fuck him dude. If he’s going to try and make me feel intimidated with a little rant about a fucking video game, he deserves to be doxxed.”


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What happened between Spekel and the donator?

With the VoDs and clips removed, it’s unclear what definitely happened between the streamer and the donator, but people who claim to have been watching the stream have taken to Reddit to share their version of the events that transpired.

According to one commenter, the donation read: “Guess you should get shot when you step foot on someone else’s property,” which is allegedly a reference to an event that took place in the GTA V RP session she was in, where she shot another player for trespassing on an area she owned.

Since the incident took place, Spekel has posted an apology on Twitter, stating that she is “deeply sorry about how I reacted to what I thought was a death threat.”


“At the time, I didn’t expect it to go this way at all,” wrote the streamer. “I was shocked and angry. I have upset a lot of people regarding this incident and I apologize again for any harm.”

It’s possible that Spekel will be punished by Twitch, as doxxing another users information breaks the platform’s terms of service. What punishment might be handed down is currently unknown, but it would be unsurprising if her account was suspended as a result of her outburst.