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Twitch streamer Destiny responds to “stalker” controversy

Published: 28/Sep/2021 17:02 Updated: 28/Sep/2021 17:31

by Sam Comrie


Twitch streamer Destiny has responded to his fanbase, as the creator has found themselves in an escalating conflict with another streamer.

Steven Bonnell, known as Destiny to his Twitch following, has responded to a drama involving Ana Voir, a fellow streamer.

Destiny says he has been dealing with a stalker situation, that began to escalate when Ana Voir made comments on Destiny’s behavior towards women.

Destiny Twitch
Twitch: Destiny
Destiny is known for being one of the first full-time gaming streamers.

Destiny responds

Destiny has offered his own explanation of his situation, arguing that ” if you were to reverse the roles, these people would be canceled.” These initial comments came from Destiny’s stream on September 27, where the streamer put forward a hypothetical situation of obsessive fandom.


“If I was on a show with another girl who was like ‘Steven please leave me alone and I was like ‘Woah why do you… you talked to me, I think that you should do this I would get banned” the streamer said, as he carried out an impersonation of a recent interaction with Ana on Zherka Royale stream.

The stream saw Destiny join in abruptly, to confront Ana about her behavior towards him.

On September 24, Ana called Destiny’s actions “manipulative even if unintentional.”

But on his stream, Destiny called Ana “insane.” “She won’t leave me alone”

He also explains that he has “blocked” her for 6 months, but claims that she will DM him on “every platform”, in addition to sending messages to his partner and friends.