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Twitch streamer Dakotaz hits out at "entitled" viewers

Published: 16/Apr/2019 12:17

by Calum Patterson


Popular Fortnite streamer Brett ‘Dakotaz‘ Hoffman says he “hates” the level of “entitlement” from some of his Twitch viewers, particularly the younger ‘generation’.

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Dakotaz is the owner of one of the largest channels on all of the Twitch platform, fast approaching four million followers, but he doesn’t appreciate that ‘attitude’ of some of these millions of fans.

He’s made this clear in the past too, Apex Legends, encouraged viewers to play it too, and then went back to Fortnite.

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Dakotaz unhappy with demanding viewers

During his April 16 stream, Hoffman got seriously fed up after a viewer began asking if he would be playing ‘customs’ – i.e. custom matches in Fortnite.


After other members of the chat told the viewer to stop asking, Dakotaz eventually banned the viewer from the chat, before going on to explain why the ‘entitlement’ has become such a “problem” on Twitch.

“People are way too entitled these days. It’s a problem of either the era they’re growing up in, or their parenting,” Dakotaz exclaimed, “they feel like people owe them everything, at every moment of every second.”

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A downside of being a popular Twitch streamer

He explains that he simply streams to have fun and play some Fortnite, but some viewers try to “make it more than that,” as if he owes them something directly.


As a daily streamer, viewers become very familiar with their favorite broadcasters, and with larger channels meeting those viewers demands becomes more challenging given their number.

Countless other streamers experience similar issues, mainly around the games they choose to play. For Dakotaz, as someone who streams Fortnite almost exclusively, if he were to change games, there would countless viewers asking (or demanding) that he go back to the battle royale game.